Project PI 

​Prof Emad A. Felemban

  • Full Professor in UQU

  • Research Interests in Wireless Sensor Networks, IoT, Computational Science, Optimization Methods

  • Consultation Interests in Crowd Management, Modeling and Simulation. Data Science and Big Data

  • Founder

  • Director of Science and Technology Unit in UQU

  • Ex-Director of Transportation and Crowd Management Centre of Research Excellence

  • Won 18M SAR in Research Funding

  • Project Manager for 50+M Consultation Project Related to Hajj and Crowd Management

Project Co-PI 

Dr Majid Sarvi

  • Professor at the University of Melbourne

  • Chair in Transport Engineering

  • Program Director of “Transport Technologies”

  • Founder and Director of “Australian Integrated Multimodal EcoSystem”

  • Research Interests in Connected Transportation Networks, Crowd Dynamic Modeling and Simulation, Network Vulnerability Assessment and Optimization

  • Serves in Multiple International Research Committees


Project Manager, Research Lead

Dr.Faizan Ur Rehman


Transportation Engineer

Dr Sultan Daud

Research Associate

Eng Omar Hussain

Research Associate

Eng Atif Naseer

Graphic Designer

Mohammad Shareef

Simulation, Game Developer

Shoaib Obaidi

Software Engineer

Saeed Abdu


Research Associate

Dr Ahmed Al-Hindi


Research Associate

Dr Akhlaq Ahmed

Asad Biabani.jpg

Research Associate

Eng Asad Ali Biabani

Research Associate

Eng Abdullah Fouda

Software Engineer

Majid Youssef

Software Engineer

Essa Hussain

Software Engineer

Saud Alharbi


Research Associate

Dr Faisal Bawzir


Research Associate

Dr Saleh Basalamah

3D Modeling Artist

Eng Hani Kamaluddin

Software Engineer

Eng Abdur Rahman  

Project Coordinator

Ibrahim Bawyan

Crowd Simulation Game Developer

Rowid Felemban

Graphic Designer

Khalid belo