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Proposal Time Line


Projects Details 

Title             : Situational Awareness and Decision-Making Support for Crowd Management in Mina

Project id   : #909

PI                  : Dr. Emad Felemban, Associate Professor, Umm Al-Qura University

CO-PI          : Prof. Majid Sarvi, Professor, University of Melbourn

Duration    : 3 Years

Funding     : 7.5 M SAR


Developing The Next Generation Crowd Management Control Rooms

Logo Story

We created a special theme and logo for this project. The main goal of this project is to develop systems and tools to provide Situational Awareness Flow to avoid Emergency in Real-time for Crowd.


We named our project SafeCrowd to help crowd management decision makers take an informative decisions to ensure the safety of crowd. he logo is the ‘Crowd’ word written in Braille Language

The Logo is the ‘CROWD’ word written in Braille Language